"★★★★ [From the Fire] brims over with talent and feeling... the musical's triumph lies in its structure, giving us ... the chance to connect to tragedy ... in a truly human way." 

Ashleigh Wheeler, Broadway Baby

"The company are stunning singers... characters are full of nuances, but also driven by strong narratives concerned with ideas like education or immigration." Read More...

"★★★★ Talented cast comes together beautifully with soaring harmonies and clever musical arrangements."

Kelly Apter, Scotsman Musical

"A powerful and touching new musical... re-live[s] that fateful day in Manhattan, and the impact the deaths had on the social and political landscape." Read More...

"Formidable talent in this tightly directed show."

Anna Millar, Edinburgh Festival List

"Although set 100 years ago, [From the Fire]'s themes resonate today." Read More...

"★★★★ Catch [From the Fire] while you can.”

Julie Dawson, Edinburgh Spotlight

"The ensemble cast are young but extraordinarily talented: their voices strong and soaring, their performances assured and mature." Read More...

"From the Fire is deeply powerful... innovative projections, clever choreography and tight direction from Cecilia Rubino." 

Scots Gay Fringe

"The show has lots of compassion... the cast work cohesively together as an ensemble... I assure you that it's a production which will live long in the memory."

"From the Fire... a dignified performance ... generously conveyed the hopes, dreams, and losses of the 146 people who perished"

Art Values Education

"...Evoked a range of feelings--anger, humor, and sadness among them, but it avoided the maudlin, and as a result celebrated the lives of these immigrant workers, who placed their faith in becoming Americans." Read More...

"[From the Fire is] a blueprint for the modern American oratorio... precise and confident direction."

Stephanie Palewski, 60 Minutes

"The voices, along with the beauty and movement of the actors, the meticulouness of the staging, wistful lighting, bold sound, church setting... held me to an emotionally riveting experience. Read More...

"Rubino['s] ... powerful libretto... allows for a balance between individual stories and a sense of collective destiny " 

Sarah Montague, WNYC

"Rubino and Swados focus as much on the vibrant lives of the women and how they acted as a catalyst for change." Read More...